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Quality, Comfort, Reliability, World-Class Service!

Concord Limousine is a privately held company founded in 1984. Over the years, Concord Limousine has become a leader in the industry providing our distinguished and world renowned clients the utmost in cost effective superior parameters of service. Top tier luxury sedans combined with today's cutting edge technology enhances the "Concord Experience" like no other transportation company worldwide.

We are in the service business, so we take into account not only our client's business, but the image that they present to their clients. It is the same philosophy that has enabled us to enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients, while providing us with consistent growth and the ability to build what is considered the largest and most well respected ground transportation company in the New York Metropolitan area.

Everyone in our company - from our drivers (who are independent contractor) and staff, to our executives and technology team of developers - believe that our success stems from more than merely getting an individual from point A to point B. They understand that the Concord philosophy stems from being client-centered.

This unwavering commitment has earned us the reputation for excellence and outstanding service in the tri-state area. Experience the difference that Concord can make for your company today.

Vigorous Reinvestment

As a service business, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our commitment to customer service is reflected in our continuing reinvestment into Concord's infrastructure and technology. This has resulted in an expanded 22,000 square foot facility with state-of-the art computers, digital phone systems, an on-site body and repair shop, car wash, insurance company and car dealership. Not to mention the deployment of on-board navigational systems, GPS, the latest automated computer dispatch technology, Smart Phone technology with point of purchase solution upon exiting the vehicle to your email with full itemization.

About our company

Late model executive and luxury class vehicles with the very best array of drivers possible.

An enviable reputation as the most responsive, customer‐friendly ground‐transportation service in the New York Tri‐State area.

Our world wide dispatch center is available 24 x 7 x 365 for your convenience.

We keep our systems at the cutting edge of technology by not waiting for technology to be created and offered to us ‐‐ but by continually working to push the “art‐of‐the‐possible”

Our paper less and electronic billing systems were designed to meet the needs of top companies in the New York City area.

GPS integrated fleet management to rapidly dispatch a nearby vehicle within moments of receiving a customer's request.

Concord Standards

  • Safety - Every Concord vehicle undergoes meticulous monthly inspections as well as random screenings by Concord management to ensure passenger comfort and safety.
  • Security - Nothing matches the security and convenience of door-to-door transportation in a private full size vehicle, driven by a fully vetted chauffeur, provided by a trusted company serving the greater New York area since 1986.
  • Reliability - You can consistently rely on us to deliver the service you request.
  • Promptness - As the only fleet dispatching with 100% GPS integration for total fleet management you can be assured that your vehicle will arrive at the specified time.
  • Courtesy - At Concord, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled courtesy and satisfaction to each and every customer who we serve.
  • Cleanliness - From the vacuumed carpeting to the upholstered luster of leather seating, and from the polished metal to the gleam of chrome, you can expect all of Concord's vehicles to have a spotless, new-car look.
  • Flexibility - We are happy to meet your company's individual accounting requirements with customized invoicing and unique reporting arrangements.
  • Availability - You can always count on Concord for safe, pleasurable transportation when you need it, for any occasion and for every situation.
  • Professionalism - The Concord business model is exemplified by the dedication and commitment of drivers and staff alike. Yes Concord is the top rated fleet with well trained professional chauffeurs and yes Concord incorporates state-of-the-art technology to tailor our product for our clients, we remain first and foremost a service industry and to Concord customer satisfaction is the most important goal
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